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The Top 15 Cities in the World for Dating, According to Tinder

LGBTQ dating app statistics show a significant disparity in the adoption of dating apps between LGBTQ and straight adults. A substantial 55% of LGBTQ adults have utilized dating apps, surpassing the 28% reported by their straight counterparts. Notably, 21% of LGBTQ online daters have experienced committed relationships or marriage with someone they met through these platforms, compared to 11% among straight users.

  • Gender distribution on Tinder is imbalanced, with 67% men and 33% women.
  • With its excellent climates and economic opportunities, many young and successful people have moved to Sydney in recent years, making it a superb city to find a date.
  • ♀ 60% of daters stalk social media before meeting in person, turning the first date into a detective session.
  • If you’re just looking for casual encounters, for instance, a hookup app like BeNaughty is the best fit, while SilverSingles is a better option if you’re over 50.
  • Our members are affluent and successful and used to living a certain lifestyle and they expect their partner to be of the same calibre and mindset.

From the standard ‘swipe right’ apps, to personalised platforms that match you with likeminded farm fanatics. Online dating platform use is fairly equal among races, with 29% of white people, 31% of black people, and 28% of Hispanic people having used a dating app. Gender distribution on Tinder is imbalanced, with 67% men and 33% women. Another report on dating statistics for men and women underscores the divergent priorities of men and women when it comes to dating profiles. For women, the inclusion of specific details such as the type of relationship sought is deemed crucial by 72%, compared to 53% of men.

How to avoid dating scams

Authenticity and vulnerability are what will help you form real relationships. It’s important to be transparent about who you are and let others know what you’re looking for in a relationship when it comes to things like relationship history, desire for children, pet preferences, and religion. Inner Circle today boasts over 4.5 million members, spanning 66 cities in 29 countries. The app was created from the belief that for online dating to work, there needed to be a safe space that was focused on quality, not quantity. Illicit Encounters is a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people, and with over one million members across the UK, you’re sure to find your perfect match – or matches. The dating site also hosts regular singles events and offers dating advice – great if you’ve been out of the game for a while and are looking for a long-term relationship.

Then, browse the site and view others’ profiles; once you find someone who you feel is a good match, send them a message. While profiles are quite detailed, they are kept behind a paywall. Likewise, you will need to pay in order to send messages to prospective matches. This premium membership costs from $24.95 (about £20) for 12 months.


So let’s dive into how you can create your very own international romance. So wherever you’re looking for that special someone, from New York to London to Sydney, our dating service can make the world seem like a much smaller place.

With online dating sites and apps, users can create personal profiles that share information such as their name, age, interests, and preferences for potential partners. To start with, we looked for the most popular dating apps with the most users and the best reviews on app stores and sites, which included Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, eharmony and Plenty of Fish. Then we looked at the best dating apps for different categories, including serious relationships, casual dating, free and paid. For those specific about the qualities they desire in a partner, dating apps and sites are particularly beneficial. Whether you identify as Black, Asian, LGBTQ+, over 50, or have other specific preferences, niche dating platforms can connect you with individuals who share your background, values, and relationship goals. This specificity fosters deeper connections based on mutual understanding and shared experiences.

Flirty Dating Emojis to Help Improve Your Game

Oh, and they also host IRL community meet-ups, meaning you can meet your potential future lovers in-person too. If you’re looking for something a little bit different from a dating app which actually guarantees that you’ll meet people in real life, then the Original Dating app may just be for you. Unlike its competitors, this app focuses on virtual and international matchmaking agency in-person speed dating events and parties, where attendees can expect to meet people per event. Simply sign up to the app, register for events (entry starts at £10) and allow the app to do the rest of the match-making work for you. LGBTQ adults show increased adoption of dating apps, with 55% having used them compared to 28% among straight adults.

  • You can also actively search for matches using specific criteria and communicate through the platform with messaging or video calls.
  • Recently, Tinder has published information on which cities see the largest number of people using Tinder Passport, both at home and abroad.
  • If somebody you’re speaking to has moved on to somebody else, Elate will send you a friendly message letting you know, meaning you’ll hopefully never be in doubt.
  • Before choosing a dating site, there are a few key factors that are important to consider to find the right platform for your goals and preferences.
  • Free dating sites and apps like OkCupid, Tinder, and Grindr offer basic services at no cost, including profile creation and messaging.
  • Avoid posting profile photos that show you in an easily identifiable location that you visit often, such as your local bar or gym.

They’re legit dating sites that use high-tech methods for ideal matching, and have safety and security measures in place to avoid fake profiles and scams. After specifying what type of relationship you are looking for, it’s valuable to consider the target audience of different sites and pick one that suits your age, lifestyle, or cultural background. Guided by Suzannah Weiss, a noted dating writer and certified sex educator, and verified by Top10.com’s editors, our methodology provides a thorough review of over 50 online dating brands. Our team personally tested each service, ensuring reviews reflect real user experiences and functionality. We conducted extensive research, merging academic studies, customer reviews, and industry insights for a balanced view. Finally, we compared each brand’s Key Differentiating Features (KDFs), emphasizing their unique strengths for a comprehensive evaluation. Usage has also increased, with 349 million people worldwide using dating apps.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites and Apps 2024 – Your Guide to Finding Serious Relationships Online

The app uses your location to find potential matches in your area and asks each user to complete a series or prompts rather than relying on the usual ‘tell me about yourself’ questions. To soothe our fear of the unknown, popular dating app Tinder has released a feature that allows users to chat to people at their destination before they move there.

Online dating remains popular in the U.S., with nearly 30% of adults using dating sites or apps. Over 40% find it easier, and 45% prefer online dating apps as their primary way to find dates. Scrutiny of dating app demographics reveals notable gender imbalances. Tinder emerges as the most skewed, with a staggering 75% of users being men and only 25% women. In contrast, Hinge presents a more balanced landscape, with two-thirds of its users identifying as men.

Online Dating Experiences: Gendered Perspectives

The well-known app which is responsible for 1 million dates per week, according to the site, allows you to swipe right to potential partners, then message and arrange a date. The internet has figured in the LGBTQ+ dating experience far longer than it has for straight people, since it has long been a successful way of meeting on the down low.

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Providing context to the online dating trends, only 4.5% of the total U.S. population, approximately 11.3 million people, identifies as LGBTQ. This demographic insight is crucial for understanding the scope and impact of LGBTQ representation within the broader context of online dating and societal demographics.

US Dating App Market Share

It then uses GPS tracking to present you with a list of people near you. It tells you whether you’ve crossed paths with them once or several times, gives you a map of roughly where you crossed paths, their photos, name, age and profession. Thursday is a single’s members club and every Thursday the app comes to life with people near you who also want to meet that day.

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According to eharmony experts – ‘Every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eHarmony’. Eharmony features include a personality questionnaire that helps you get to know the person behind the profile.


In the dynamic landscape of online dating, dating app statistics paint a vivid picture of evolving preferences and behaviors. With Tinder leading the pack, dating apps have become integral to modern romance, with millions swiping and engaging daily. The market is thriving, and projections suggest continued growth, reaching a revenue of $3.46 billion by 2028. As dating app user demographics vary, so do experiences, challenges, and priorities. LGBTQ individuals embrace dating apps but face unique challenges. The industry’s economic impact is substantial, with the U.S. taking the lead.