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Change Management Board: Roles, Responsibilities & Processes

The most important factor is agreeing on a decision-making course of to maintain everyone aligned. It determines how you outline a quorum, what guidelines govern your activities on the change management board, the power the manager of the board has and if choices made by the board must be ratified by a better https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ authority. The change control board is a half of the change administration planning for a project or organization. Teams working on the project are often those who submit adjustments to the change management board. Not only are they suggesting the change, but they will be the ones to implement, monitor, and reply to any change-related issues.

  • It’s the job of the change control board to take these requests seriously and steadiness them against the timeline and prices of the project.
  • Together, these standards tackle what configuration management activities are to be done, when they’re to occur within the product life cycle, and what planning and sources are required.
  • The CM workplace advises the NASA program or project manager to attain a balanced configuration change administration implementation that suits the unique program/project state of affairs.
  • The CCB performance ought to be used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and enhancements of the CCB process.
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The sixth step is to evaluate the CCB performance, which is the measure of how successfully and effectively the CCB manages the modifications and maintains the configuration gadgets. The CCB performance ought to be assessed through the use of metrics, such as the number of change requests, the approval fee, the turnaround time, the impression on the project objectives, and the customer satisfaction. The CCB performance also wants to be reviewed by using suggestions, corresponding to surveys, interviews, or lessons discovered classes.

Creating A Change Management Board

Poor change control can considerably impact the project in terms of scope, cost, time, risk, and benefits. Therefore, it is essential that the CCB members are sufficiently equipped with information, experience, and assist necessary to make one of the best selections. Table 6-1 supplies an exercise information for the analysis of a configuration management process. The CM workplace should rigorously weigh the worth of prioritizing sources into CM instruments or into CM surveillance of the contractors. Organizations might choose to have a single CCB dealing with change requests across a number of tasks.

If it isn’t the CDCA for a given doc, it does not have the authority to approve a proposed change to that doc, and therefore must solicit ECP approval from the

ccb configuration control board

configuration management. The CCB might, every so often, establish technical working groups (TWG), as required, to oversee, evaluation, and make recommendations to the board on particular technical features of the CM Program, or configuration items. TWGs provide the subject-matter experience necessary to make sure that documents, the DM2, and other merchandise underneath configuration control of the CCB are maintained in a responsible manner. TWGs, when tasked by the CCB, provide detailed and comprehensive technical review of proposed modifications and recommendations to the CCB on action(s) to be taken that result from recommended changes. A change management board looks at change requests which are then reviewed intimately.

Preserve The Configuration Gadgets

Both everlasting members of the CCB and members of all technical working groups are notified about all CCB meetings and all scheduled TWG periods, as are the Combatant Commands and Defense Agencies. These CM activities are complementary with current DoD CM processes for the DARS, the DoD Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR), and the Metadata Registry (MDR). A more comprehensive description of the general CM Process is discovered on-line in the DoDAF Journal. Figure 6.5-1 provides a typical circulate diagram for the Configuration Management Process and identifies typical inputs, outputs, and actions to think about in addressing CM. Use one of the supported browsers or contact our support staff who might be joyful to assist.

authorize change to either, however they may participate within the change control process if requested for input by both the configuration control authority that is the CDCA, or by the Government lead utility exercise.

ccb configuration control board

This authority may be the Current Document Change Authority (CDCA), described in b. Below, for particular person paperwork that require change (e.g., a system or CI performance specification).

The CCB operating procedures should also outline goal processing occasions for ECPs to guarantee timely staffing, approval and implementation. The roles on a change control board differ by project, organization and industry. In general, there are elementary roles which might be widespread in all change control boards.

As noted, the change control board is made up of individuals from every stage of the project’s life cycle to facilitate a well-rounded dialogue and place the change in a bigger context. If changes are requested, the change control board shows how these changes are managed with the least amount of disruption to the project’s plan. The importance of a change control board to a successful, high-quality project can’t be overstated. These embrace the strategy and procedures for configuration administration, the record of recognized configuration items, descriptions of the configuration items, change requests, disposition of the requests, rational for dispositions, reports, and audit outcomes. The Change Control Board will review any proposed adjustments from the original baseline requirements that were agreed upon with the consumer.

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It’s at this level that the change management board defines the result and goal of the change management course of. A timeline is set to guarantee that the change and documentation are created to align the change with the project objectives. A change log is an important configuration control board change management document that permits project managers and change control boards to maintain observe of the assorted changes that may happen during the execution of a project.

Configuration control is an important self-discipline throughout the program life cycle. Figure 6-1 illustrates

other sort of doc and is impartial of the group that physically maintains and shops the doc. The CDCA is the organization

Figure 6-4 fashions the third phase of Figure 6-1, masking the portion of the process involved with Government evaluate and disposition of contractor submitted ECPs and RFDs. The CCB then critiques the proposal and the implementation commitments and either

and the authority may be transferred. The dashboard is sweet for a basic overview, but once they want to zero in on one thing and take a closer look, one-click reviews could be generated for status or portfolio reports, time, value and extra. All reviews can be filtered so board members can focus on the most related data.

The adjustments differ from the baseline requirements set on the approval of the project plan. The change control board then debates the professionals and cons of a change, which is why it’s important to have a change management board that reflects all project elements, from the staff to the end-user. It’s a gaggle of individuals from the project team that meets regularly to consider adjustments to the project. Through this process of detailed examination, the change control board decides on the viability of the change request or makes recommendations accordingly. A change control board contains representatives of the related functional areas of the project along with the project supervisor. Of course, depending on the project and the organization, others might be involved.


Use this template to create your board charter for your configuration management board (CCB). The Change Control Board and the Change Advisory Board are comparable organizational structures play important roles in choice making. Both are comprised of groups whose position is to collectively assist the group make the best selections of balancing need and threat of changes to technology that helps business processes, but they’re not the identical. DM2 change requests (action items) can be raised by any of the working group members or flow down from the CCB.

A CCB secretariat schedules meetings, distributes agendas, records CCB choices, and distributes minutes and directives to parties who are assigned implementing action(s) or have a have to know.